Mark Haskins Discusses Wrestling in the US and More


Mark Haskins recently took part in a Ring of Honor Q&A where he spoke openly about what it’s like to wrestle in the states and about an injury that he’s currently dealing with:

Mark On His Recent Injury:

It happened mid-match at a live event. I took a kick to the calf and it twinged a little, nothing too major. I thought nothing of it. I finished the match and then as I’m strolling around backstage I realized I was in a tremendous amount of pain, which wasn’t fun.


Mark On Wrestling In The States:

I like getting to travel and see the country. It’s a beautiful place and I love getting to be a tourist from time to time. I also love the Ghost Pepper Peanuts. When I landed in Texas I found the first 7-Eleven and cleaned the shelf of them. The cashier did look at me kind of funny when I paid for them.

To read the full Q&A, click HERE.

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