Mark Henry Addresses MJF AEW Revolution Controversy – Whether He Went Too Far


Did MJF go too far with a young fan during the AEW Revolution 2023 pay-per-view event?

During his Iron Man match with Bryan Danielson, MJF threw a (believed to be alcoholic) beverage on a young fan, and many believe this action crossed a line for the heel.


Speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” Mark Henry shared his take on when a wrestler goes “too far” as a heel. He said,

“If it can cost you money, you can get sued, you lose a sponsorship deal, then you’ve gone too far.

“We are in it for the money and it’s about the business. Secondly, does it get you canceled and do you lose your job?”

There have been no talks of a lawsuit or loss of sponsorship for AEW, after the young fan and his adult guardian were given tickets for the following episode of AEW Dynamite.

The fan was also gifted with some AEW merchandise by fans who were sat nearby and was also allowed to go backstage at Revolution.

Henry added that he does not believe MJF went too far with the interaction with the young fan and shared a story of when he was in a similar situation. He said,

“A guy was talking sh*t to me [at ringside], I slapped his beer, and it went all over two people next to him. I said, ‘I apologize to you, but I want you to rot in hell.’ I was so apologetic in the moment and broke [character] on the spot because I felt like I went too far.”

Henry’s co-host Bully Ray, who riled up crowds for years as part of the original ECW, said he believes that MJF went too far at Revolution.

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