Wednesday, February 21, 2024
NewsMark Henry Announced For Starrcast 2

Mark Henry Announced For Starrcast 2



Earlier this week Conrad Thompson announced that both Undertaker and Kurt Angle had been pulled from the Starrcast 2 event due to the WWE.

Replacing The Undertaker is an impossible task, but this hasn’t stopped Thompson from making an attempt to do so.

During a interview with Sports Illustrated Conrad Thompson stated:

“McMahon would not allow any main roster replacements”

Soo he set his sights on Shawn Michaels. While he waits to get confirmation on the “Heart Break Kid” being a replacement, it appears he may have another one with “The World’s Strongest Man”, that’s right Mark Henry.

The official Twitter for Starrcast Events posted the following late Wednesday night:

At this time it hasn’t been confirmed if Mark Henry is a replacement sent by WWE or if he was just booked for the event.

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