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Mark Henry Calls Jamie Hayter ‘The Cream Of The Crop’, Praises Willow Nightingale



During a recent appearance on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW broadcaster Mark Henry spoke about the recent performances of AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter and fellow talent Willow Nightingale, praising them both.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Jamie Hayter: “I feel like Jamie Hayter is the cream of the crop, and I can’t wait to see her completely get her shine and the other women standing up with her to allow AEW’s women’s division to have somebody to fight against a tyranny–which is what I feel like the other women have formed a group of people that just want to dominate the women’s division and make them subservient. Not a fan of that. So I guess I’m on the side of Jamie Hayter and the rest of the women at AEW, but nonetheless, they’re gonna make them earn it.”

On Willow Nightingale’s work ethic: “Yeah, you start smiling right away. It’s like seeing puppies play. She’s just so fun-loving, man, and just a good human being and wants to be great,” he said. “[She] is doing everything in her power to be great. She’ll walk up and just ask you questions. Just, ‘I was thinking about doing this. I don’t know. Historically, do you know if this will work?; She’s that kid.”

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