Mark Henry Has Been A Key-Factor In The Growth Of Neville’s Character


As you all are aware, current WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville has made quite the transformation since returning from injury last December. Neville has arguably made a case for him-self to be a potential breakout superstar or superstar of the year thus far. One man who helped contribute to Neville’s new attitude was Mark Henry, who has now transitioned into a “office-type” role in the WWE.

Henry spoke on how he contributed to the growth of Neville on former WWE superstar MVP’s; “VIP Lounge podcast.

Henry“We talked about storylines and how to make him a f*****g killer and all of this stuff, it worked. They used to treat Neville like Mighty Mouse and I told Vince, I said, ‘Hey, Neville is somebody I just believe in, he’s a legitimate tough guy. He’s 5’6 or whatever it is but if you had to put him against a bunch of dudes you got in your locker room right now, I think Neville would kick their ass.’ I told Neville: ‘You have to believe it, if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen.’ I told him: ‘You need to be me.’ That motherf****r is killing. I love Nevile’s s**t right now. Eventually, you’ve got to go from being a talent to being a guy that makes talent. I love the fact he’s had the success because it’s got my fingerprints, but I love the fact he’s had success because it’s just f*****g good for the business.”

Mark Henry also noted that following Neville’s match with Austin Aries at WrestleMania 33, Neville tearfully thanked Mark Henry for all his help.

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