Mark Henry Note, FCW/WrestleMania, Demento Update


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Mark Henry was in attendance at the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas. Fuse TV filed a report on the event and mentioned Henry, stating the following… A friend was eating lunch when WWE wrestler Mark Henry started talking to him and subsequently recommended Bacon, an Austin restaurant where nearly every item has its titular food. Music-related? Not really. But there is no weirder and more appropriately Austin moment than that.”

— Two weeks before WrestleMania 28, FCW will will run a house show in Miami at the Miami/Dade County Fair & Expo. The show will feature top WWE developmental wrestlers, NXT Rookies, Divas and Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal.

The New York Times has an article up on former WWE performer Damien Demento. Demento, real name Phillip Thies, has launched an art show titled Karnal, featuring paintings and sculptures. The exhibit, which is housed at the Tachi Gallery in New York City, runs through April 14.

— Super Dragon has been pulled off of the next PWG card, World’s Finest, due to an injury suffered while training. PWG posted the following on Twitter regarding the injury…

Bad News First: We regret to report that due to a training injury, Super Dragon will be unable to compete at World’s Finest this Saturday.

We realize there is a high lvl of quality fans have come to expect from us, & we are working hard to exceed that lvl on such short notice.

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