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NewsMark Henry Recalls Working With "Perverts" In WWE's Attitude Era

Mark Henry Recalls Working With “Perverts” In WWE’s Attitude Era



WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has slammed WWE’s creative team as “little perverts” during the company’s Attitude Era.

Debuting in 1996, Henry was a staple of the Attitude Era as a sex-crazed wrestler, receiving the moniker ‘Sexual Chocolate.’

During the Attitude Era, Henry was part of several infamous storylines, including romancing Mae Young, culminating in the 75-year-old legend giving birth to a hand.

Speaking on CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri’s SHAK Wrestling, Henry was asked about his most infamous segments and blamed the writers.

“The writers were responsible for all this… they were little perverts.” 

Another storyline for Henry saw the World’s Strongest Man visit a sex therapist, where he said he repeatedly had sex with his sister.

Henry was quick to explain that the angles he was involved in did not reflect his real life ideas.

“People say stuff that they don’t really believe all that. They were just trying to be entertaining.

“Back then, in the Attitude Era, they wanted to push the envelope. There was a lot of shock jock stuff.”

A rumor among fans is that WWE deliberately put Henry in bad storylines to force him to quit the high-dollar contract he was signed to.

Henry signed with AEW in June 2021 where he works as a commentator and correspondent.

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