Mark Henry Says CM Punk Is Not A ‘Cancer’ To AEW


Mark Henry recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss reports that some people in AEW view CM Punk as a ‘cancer’ in the locker room after his comments at the AEW All Out press conference and brawl with The Elite after the show.

Seth Rollins called Punk a cancer publicly last month, while Chris Jericho reportedly told Punk the same thing after the brawl. Henry said,


“He’s not a cancer. He’s opinionated, but he’s also a teacher and supporter,. I’ve seen him do stuff he didn’t have to do. He just did it because he loved the business and he wanted to make that wrestler better. I think that he’s good for pro wrestling. At the end of the day, he’s good for business. He’s good for the education of those young wrestlers he took a liking to.”

Henry also talked about The Elite and Punk needing to settle their issues. He added,

“They’re gonna have to sit together without Tony, just them guys and not throw hands. I love all parties involved, I would love to mediate the situation. But keep the issue on the issue, and not make it personal. Make it about wrestling. Make it about the issue at hand, and not the individual. Then you can solve it.“

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