Mark Henry Says He’s Planning To Wrestle His Last Match At Age 50


During a recent appearance on Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast, Mark Henry commented on wanting to wrestle his last match at age 50, and more. He said,

“There’s a lot of kids who didn’t get to see me wrestle. They’ve only saw me on YouTube. It’s been enough time that has passed. Also, I quit before I had a last match. Before I waved at everybody and had the pink jacket on. I’m sorry I lied to you that I was leaving and retiring. I own it. I did not get that match where you go and pay tribute to the fans and you go and wrestle somebody that is up-and-coming and talented and you give them what we call ‘the rub.’ I didn’t do that and I feel guilty. That’s why I’m doing it.

I figured I’m gonna wait until I’m 50 so the expectation is lower and people don’t expect me to go out there and have a 20-minute five-star match,” he said. “I’m gonna go out there in really good shape. I’m already 80 pounds lighter than I was when I had my last match, and it’s going to take a good man to beat me, but it might not take them long…I don’t know where it’s going to be, but the money has got to be right. I want oxygen at Gorilla when I walk through the curtain, all green M&Ms, a Porkchop sandwich [laughs].”

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