Mark Henry Shares Hilarious Story Involving Vince McMahon In WWE


Mark Henry recently shared a hilarious story involving Vince McMahon during his time in WWE.

Joining the latest edition of ‘Somethin’ Else’ on the Black Rasslin’ Podcast YouTube channel, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled how he wanted to shave his head back in 2008, but Vince McMahon refused to let him do so. He then shared how the two men went back and forth on the topic for almost two years, before McMahon finally relented. He said,


“Alright, well I wanted to do it in 2008 (shave my head). But, his royal highness, prince Jaffe Joffer, Vince McMahon, did not want me to cut my hair because of action figures and likenesses and ads and everything that we had done and was posting, that’s how people saw me and I told him, I said, ‘Well as soon as I shave this sh*t, everybody is gonna know me like that.’ We went at each other for about a year and 10 months before finally, I got kicked in the head and three of my braids tore off, ripped from the skin and I said, ‘Listen man, when I come back tomorrow, this sh*t gonna be cut because I’m pissed and I wanna whoop his ass but I’ma let him make it on the sake of y’all using him on TV. So, I’m gonna go cut this and act like I’m not mad right now’ so, at that point, it was like, oh sh*t. Don’t say nothing. Just let him go and I came back with a bald head and that was October 10th, 11th or something like that and then, that’s when I came up with that brilliant idea that I should be Rick Ross for Halloween.”

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