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Mark Jindrak Believes He Could Still Hang With Today’s Talent, More


During a recent appearance on “Cafe de Rene”, Mark Jindrak commented on why it’s a great time for pro wrestling, whether he could still hang with today’s talent, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the business has changed: “With social media and the internet and everything, it’s all one universal show now. They’re stuck in their ways and if they continue to stay stuck in their ways it is going to drive them into the ground. Because, these companies, the ones in Japan, especially like New Japan Pro Wrestling, they’re invading America. It’s coming soon. WWE, unless there’s some really big showcase match, it’s not a guaranteed sellout every time.”

On why it’s a great time to be a wrestler or a wrestling fan: “Then you see AEW, they’re taking over, man. I haven’t watched wrestling in so long, I wasn’t born into wrestling, I was more like an athlete first, and wrestling second. I am not afraid to admit it, and I respect the wrestling business. This is a great time for wrestling Because there are so many great places a young guy can go, s many avenues. You can be a star in almost any place now. Look at Kenny Omega, like he didn’t have to go the conventional WWE route.”

On if he thinks he could still wrestle: “Watching these matches, these TV matches, the work rate I could definitely still hang. The problem I would have is going to that distance again. When you take off time from wrestling or bumping or whatever, it’s that part of reconditioning your body to bump and those headaches. F**king, sometimes you take a bump wrong and you go heel first, then your heel’s f—-d for two weeks. Or you’re hitting the ropes again and the ropes are leaving a purple mark on your back or the upper quadrant of your ass. You can get through that stuff when you’re 25, 22, 23. But, now I am 44-years-old, so it’s a different beast.”

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