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Mark Jindrak Says Triple H Was Right To Kick Him Out Of Evolution



Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak has said it was the right call for him to be removed from Evolution.

Evolution dominated Monday Night Raw during the Ruthless Aggression era and original plans for the group included Jindrak.

Speaking to D-Von Dudley on Table Talk, Jindrak explained why he got cut from the group while Randy Orton remained:

“They could see that the love wasn’t there, so I suffered and basically they split that Evolution group up. I joke around a lot about how Triple H put the axe to it, but he had every right to. It’s a professional business. Yes, we’re athletes and entertainers and stuff, but attitude and s**t matters. Orton got with it… I didn’t.”

In the final line-up, Jindrak was replaced by Batista, who would become on of WWE’s biggest stars.

Jindrak would go on to win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship and CMLL World Trios Championship in Mexico after leaving WWE in 2005.

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