Marko Stunt Opens up on Replacing Luchasaurus for AEW Dynamite Match


Marko Stunt discussed making his AEW Dynamite debut last night on TNT in a new Facebook post. 

He did so once he replaced Luchasaurus, who was forced to bow out of his scheduled tag team tournament match against the Lucha Bros, with a hamstring injury. 

Stunt wrote the following: 

I wasn’t originally supposed to be there this week. Luckily, for some reason, they asked me to come in this past Friday, and I was going to be on AEW Dark this coming Tuesday.

In a very unfortunate situation, Luchasaurus was injured just 2 hours before the show, and they asked me to step in. The most nervous and uncomfortable I’ve been was right there at that moment. I was being asked to step in the ring with two of the best on 2 hours notice, on national television, for my tv debut.

Despite any of that, myself and jungleboy went out there and gave it our all, and we hung with, quite possibly, the best tag team out there. We proved why we belong.

Yeah, there’s still people that don’t like it, and don’t think I should be there, and that’s fine. I’m still there, and there’s nowhere to go but up from here!

Thank you to the ones who have actually supported me through this absolutely nuts journey!

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