Marty Jannetty In Rough Shape + Ex Talent Rips Dawn Mari


— Marty Jannetty is said to be in bad physical shape these days, with the former WWE superstar needing surgery on both of his ankles. He doesn’t have the money to get the surgery and is also dealing with some personal issues. Many people close to him are hoping he checks into a rehab facility sooner than later.


— Wrestler’s Rescue, a charitable organization founded by Dawn Marie Psaltis in 2008 to raise money to support the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers, is one again subject of scandal with rumors of embezzlement of funds by the former WWE Diva star.

After former WWE Superstar “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala (real name James Harris) released this video message Tuesday condemning former Psaltis for raising money on his behalf that he has yet to receive, a similar allegation has been levied by one of her former colleagues.

Brian Heffron, who worked alongside Psaltis in Extreme Championship Wrestling as Blue Meanie, noted Wednesday on Twitter that two years ago, she launched a similar campaign fund meant to assist Jerry Lynn with back surgery costs and was asked to donate an item for her to auction. Heffron, however, says Lynn was unaware of the campaign fund and noted that he never received money from Psaltis.

After posting a link to Harris’ video message, Heffron wrote, “I always had a feeling “Wrestler’s Rescue” was a scam since they aren’t a registered charity AND wrestler’s who they’ve collected for never got a dime that was supposed to get to them. 2 years ago I was asked to donate an item for auction for Jerry Lynn’s back surgery. He told me he didn’t know about and didn’t get a A DIME.”

He continues, “I always heard rumors “Wrestler’s Rescue” ripped off MY IDOL Steve Williams. Then I heard straight from Jerry Lynn he never received a penny. I never really thought of speaking out until I saw the video Kamala made. It’s a shame to collect money off off false pretenses.”

In June, Psaltis set up the “Kamala Campaign Fund” under the guise that money generated from auctions on their official website,, will go toward Harris’ “medical care, basic living costs & a myriad of other expenses as he transitions into a more handicapped-accessible world.” The website, however, has been offline for weeks as it was suspended by its web host—likely due to unpaid server bills.

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