Marty Jannetty Issues a Cry for Help – “I’m Abusing Drugs & Alcohol But Don’t Want Rehab!”


Marty Jannetty took to Facebook, basically telling his fans that he desperately needs help but doesn’t want to go to rehab. He says he’s back on drugs and alcohol and has been since WrestleMania 35 (two months ago). He says he’s been “partying WAY too much lately.” Jannetty alluded to drinking, smoking pot and doing cocaine. He says he has been going through withdrawals and has embarrassed himself at some recent public appearances.

You can read his statement below. Sad stuff right here, folks:



Yall know I play on here a lot, but bout to be real, real right now..I’ve been partying WAY too much lately, possibly every day since Wrestlemania how ever long ago that was, 30-40 days, I dont even know..but I NEED to stop..but its just hard,, my personality doesnt allow me to be bored..and for me, going from 350 days a year on the road, over a 100 beautiful ladies per year for many many years, to living in back woods Alabama right now and only doing shows on weekends, what the hell else am I gonna do during the week? Drink, smoke a lil plant and possibly throw a lil powder up, then have sex with all the neighbor gurrls..

But its got to stop!!! Im not working out right, not tanning right not studying film, hell I aint doing shit but drinking, fucking(sorry bout the language) and waiting for the weekends..and now, I got 3 events this weekend,,I’m embarrassed at my own damn self to go do these things in front of my people looking like a pale white fat pig..And I think I have a seminar to do..nothing means more to me these days than teaching my kids..

But, Ive partied so much lately that if I stop for a full day, I go into some weird withdrawal hands shake so bad I cant even sign autographs right..and therefore, just like what all Im doing this weekend starting tomorrow(a baseball game, an all girls wrestling event, a seminar and a meet & greet for my great friend Denim Blevins’ show) Im gonna have to drink my way through all that so I dont go through withdrawals in front of my people…

I dont want to live like that anymore..and dont suggest rehab…I agree with my super cool & pretty friend Amy Winehouse(RIP, loves ya sweety) when she sang “they told me to go to rehab, but I say NO, NO, NO”..and here’s what y’all need to know about that bullshit..when I lived in New Orleans, I went to 2 rehabs, one for sex addiction, one for drugs & alcohol..the drugs and alcohol one, I ended up roughing up one of the councilors for being a dick to a sweet young 19 year old boy who was trying hard,,I even told the councilor to knock it off, then he smarted off to me for taking up for the kid,,you already know what happened next..he didnt smart off anymore..

Then, the sex addiction clinic..the idiots assigned me to a councilor who was a beautiful blond with big titts, we ended up dating for a few minutes(fucking) I’ll put a pic up so yall can see how stupid it was to assign her to me..

So, I said all that to say..fuck rehabs, I can do this on my own…but my question to yall is…what am I gonna do with the boredom???????.

PS- my heart is talking to me.. hasnt been beating right for 2 days now..not to scare anyone, especially my family..but just further proof Ive got to stop!!! Just told my heart, I will stop..just let me ween down so it not dangerous

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