Marty Jannetty on Why He Won’t Be in the WWE Hall of Fame Anytime Soon


Marty Jannetty was recently a guest on WrestlingInc’s WINCly podcast. WrestlingInc transcribed highlights, some of which you will see below.

During the interview, Marty revealed that he’s currently in a lawsuit WWE and therefore will not be in the WWE Hall of Fame anytime soon:


“Here’s what I can explain, and I’m hoping my attorneys won’t go ‘Damn, why’d you do that?’ But I’m in a lawsuit against WWE so there can’t be a Hall of Fame [induction]. Even though it’s working out real good where Shawn has been in twice. Bret has been in twice. Flair’s been in twice. Shawn would be the only three-timer as a Rocker and everyone’s telling me, ‘Next year, behave. Behave.’ If I was gonna behave the way people wanted me to behave, I would have been the world champion. I’m just being real on real.”

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Also, Marty talked about another ongoing WWE lawsuit regarding CTE. Marty took aim at not only the WWE but entities like the NFL and WBO for the way they treat their athletes:

“That’s the point, we get knocked out so many times in what we do. WWE, WBO, NFL, any of them…we know what we’re doing, but y’all do to. We’re making y’all money and you’re not gonna help us when we can’t function anymore?”

Check out the full interview here

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