Maryse Set For Spanish Playboy, Indy Talents’ Tattoo, More


— Former WWE Diva Maryse recently tweeted that she will be gracing the cover of the Spanish edition of Playboy in the near future. No word on when as of this writing.

— The independent wrestler who tattooed Mitt Romney’s logo on his face after his getting paid $15,000 on eBay says he has no regrets about doing so. Eric Hartsburg spoke with ABC News (via the LA Times) and said that he was perfectly comfortable with the decision.

“I am college educated, and I am not an idiot,” Hartsburg said. “Getting the tattoo was a decision that I made, and I am cool with.”

Hartsburg noted that as a Romney supporter he is disappointed with the election, noting, “I wanted Romney to win, obviously, but I am proud of the voters and the record turnout in certain places. And most of all, I am proud of the effort that I made.”

The middle part of his forehead is now up for auction.

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