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NewsMaryse Speaks Out - WWE Release, Stalker, Divas, Vince

Maryse Speaks Out – WWE Release, Stalker, Divas, Vince




As most of you all know Maryse did a live interview with Hit The Ropes. I kept track of the interview over twitter. Below are some stuff that came up during the interview. Which includes questions from both the Hit The Ropes host and co-host, over the phone questions and chat room questions.

In the interview Maryse mentions that the divas deserve much more time. She thinks they deserve much more time in the ring, more mic, time and just basically more television time. I completely agree with Maryse on this and I’m glad this came up in the interview. Maryse feel’s WWE is just pushing the divas down and they deserve to be brought back up and show what they can actually do in the ring instead of one or two minute matches.

When Maryse was released from her contract with WWE, there was so much buzz about it, rumors began that she asked for her release as she became bored with WWE. In her interview this came up; she say’s she did indeed get bored with WWE. She feel’s it’s the next chapter and she would like to expand her acting career and grow as an entertainer.

High School Maryse: What was Maryse like in high school and so on as she became older. Maryse says she was very athletic, she was very involved in sports always hanging out with the guys playing sports. Maryse says one of her favorite sports she absolutely loved to do was play hockey. But as she got older and around the age of 18 and 19 she became very into fashion, she started loving all of the fashion, make-up, dresses, ect.

It is no surprise that Maryse’s stalker we found out about previously last year, Ouellet says the stalker sent her 100’s of letters to her house as well as her email address and calling her multiple times during the day. As we know Maryse got a restraining order against the stalker and she say’s she hasn’t heard from him ever since and she hope it continues to stay that way.

Back on a WWE subject, one of the hosts of the interview ask’s Maryse if she had the opportunity to feud with any diva of her choosing, who would it be? Maryse imitatively says it would be Lita. She loves Lita’s character, and is a big reason why Maryse went to WWE.

A caller question asks Maryse if she will ever be updating her online store over at her official website, FrenchKissMaryse.Com. Maryse say’s she really hasn’t thought about updating it, but since she has fan’s that would like her to she will be doing so as soon as she possibly can. She say’s it could be updated with new products as soon as next week or even next month. Another related question is what are Maryse’s upcoming appearances? Maryse say’s she has an upcoming appearance in Los Angeles and then will be having one in Miami and Chicago and everything will be confirmed on

Another caller question asked Maryse who was her favorite diva to work with, Maryse’s answer was Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Another question related to this is what Maryse will miss most about WWE. Maryse say’s she will miss everything about it. The traveling, her character and most of all the lifelong friends she has made while her time in WWE.

The co-host of Hit The Ropes told Maryse he will be giving her a list of words and want’s to know the first thing that comes to her mind. The list is below.

Vince McMahon: Crazy

World Wrestling Entertainment: Fantastic

Montreal: Home

Kelly Kelly: Blonde

Beth Phoenix: Sweet

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