Maryse Speaks Out On Her WrestleMania 33 Match, Working With The Miz, & More


WWE women’s wrestler and the real-life wife of The Miz, Maryse, recently did an interview with The Orlando Sentinel to promote WrestleMania 33. Here are some highlights:

On playing a character that’s easy to hate: “I love playing a character. When I see fans in the street or at meet-and-greets, it’s great. Sometimes they want me to be that person they see on TV, take a picture with a hand in their face or ask me to ‘be mean like you do.’ But I can’t play that character 24-7. Before I cross in front of the curtain [at WWE shows], I flip a switch and become that Maryse. There’s no career like it.”

On why she and Miz work so well together: “We’re just a good couple. We complement each other really well, help each other 24-7 and have a really good time. Playing our characters – I mean, we come from Hollywood, so we’ve got that. We don’t think twice, we just do it.”

On being in a match with her husband at WrestleMania: “At WrestleMania, with my husband, in the same ring, the same match? If you had asked me if that was possible five years ago, I would have laughed in your face. Now it’s really happening.”

On her emotions for the event: “I have so many emotions. I’m excited, I can’t wait, but I do have some butterflies. … I’ve proved in the past that I can accomplish big things, but I’m coming back so people can see what I can do.”

On her confidence for her training: “Let’s just say, I’m good. Nikki should be scared.”

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