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NewsINDIEMasha Slamovich Calls GCW World Championship Win A "Picture-Perfect Movie Ending"

Masha Slamovich Calls GCW World Championship Win A “Picture-Perfect Movie Ending”



GCW World Champion Masha Slamovich has spoken about her recent title win, which she has called a “picture-perfect movie ending.”

Earlier this month, Slamovich dethroned Nick Gage to win the GCW World Championship, becoming the first woman to win the title.

Speaking to Fightful, Slamovich talked about the significance of her title win. She said,

“It’s really a picture-perfect movie ending. So many people can dream of these things. I personally could never have even imagined it being that way. I remember so many times, I’m like, ‘Hey, Nick, we should wrestle. I’d love to wrestle you,’ I could have never imagined it would be such a perfect full-circle moment in so many ways.

“Having my mom and dad there, all of my friends were there. AKIRA was there, obviously, coming in for the saves. It was really just the perfect night in wrestling and the fruition of hard years of work and validation of everything I’ve done, really.”

Two days after her title win, Slamovich retained the GCW World Championship against Mike Bailey.
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