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News​Mason Ryan Interviewed By WWE,com - What's He Doing Now?, How Working...

​Mason Ryan Interviewed By WWE,com – What’s He Doing Now?, How Working For WWE Helped Him



WWE.com published a new interview with former WWE Superstar Mason Ryan, who spoke about what he is up to since leaving the company. He is currently part of the cast for the Cirque du Soleil show, KA, in Las Vegas. Below are some highlights.

Ryan on joining the cast of KA: “After I left WWE I was still wrestling independently over in the U.K., in Japan and all over the states. One day I got a call from WWE, and they said, “We might have a job opportunity, if you’re interested, with Cirque du Soleil,” which, at that time in my life, seemed like the most random thing in the world, really.”

On if he knew about the show before joining the cast: “I had heard of Cirque du Soleil and knew they put on amazing shows, but I didn’t think my acrobatic ability was quite up there for what they did, but obviously I was very interested. So I sent my stuff away to Cirque du Soleil and I got a call a week or two later asking me to go for an audition, explaining that it was for the role of Chief Archer in KÀ. The show is more storyline based and I would be auditioning for one of the main bad guys in the show, which, you know, sounded great with me.”

Ryan on how working in WWE helped him prepare for the role: “Yeah, definitely, especially in my role, because it’s more of a character-based role. I’m the Chief Archer in charge of a rebellious gang of archers, so my physical prowess is what makes me the leader. So having that intimidating presence was also part of who I was in the ring and I was able to bring that over.”

Ryan on if he misses performing on the road with WWE: “I didn’t think about that, but that’s definitely a big difference. With me, one of my bigger things is my physical presence, so being 6-foot-6 and 285 pounds, traveling on the road, eating and finding a gym and everything like that is a challenge, no doubt about it. But, being here, I have my local gym that I go to, I have all my food prepped and it just makes life a little easier.”

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