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Matt Bloom Talks WWE Tryouts in India, If a Pro Wrestling Background is an Advantage



Matt Bloom has been a Professional Wrestler for many years. Whether he was A-Train, Prince Albert, or Lord Tensai Matt Bloom has been perfecting his craft on every corner of the globe. All of that led him to become the Head Coach at the WWE Performance Center

Recently, WWE held a tryout in India and Matt spoke to Sportskeeda about the turnout for the tryout, and whether or not having a Professional Wrestling background helps you in WWE. You can see some excerpts below:

Matt on the turnout for the Indian tryout:

“Well, this is the biggest crowd that we’ve done and it’s been simply amazing because we’ve had a lot of people from everywhere in India come together. Not a lot of them knew each other or had heard of each other. But they all came together. They may not have been friends at the start of the tryout but come Day 3 they worked so well together.
I see people that didn’t know each other motivate each other. Like ‘c’mon you can finish it. Like they just worked so hard together. I’m really impressed.”

Matt on the benefits of a Pro Wrestling background in WWE:

“Well, I think a pro wrestling background gives you a wrestling IQ. So when I ask you to hit the ropes, they understand what it takes. But when I have someone who has no background, they go really easy. But those ropes are very sturdy.
When I ask someone with a pro wrestling background person to fall on the mat, they have no problem doing it. Sometimes it helps in the sense that if they don’t have a background, I don’t have to break bad habits. If you have a background, I might have to break bad habits.”
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