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NewsMatt Cardona Calls Chelsea Green's WWE Return "Absolutely Amazing"

Matt Cardona Calls Chelsea Green’s WWE Return “Absolutely Amazing”



Matt Cardona is extremely pleased with his wife Chelsea Green’s return to WWE, calling it “absolutely amazing.”

Green, who was released from WWE in 2021, returned to the promotion as part of the WWE Women’s Royal Rumble.

During an appearance on the Pro Wrestling Boom podcast, Cardona spoke about Green’s record-breaking performance in the Rumble. He said,

“I thought it was absolutely amazing because I knew everybody was gonna be talking about this (Chelsea Green’s Royal Rumble elimination) and then the fact she set a new record. On her first day back, she’s already setting records. I’m so proud of her. But this is great. What was gonna happen? She flies in there, does a couple moves, in there for five minutes then gets thrown out? No one’s gonna remember that. But this is memorable and a perfect way to re-debut.”

Green was immediately eliminated from the Rumble, setting the record for the fastest elimination in Women’s Rumble history, and has remained winless.

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