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NewsMatt Cardona Challenges Nic Nemeth At GCW 'No Compadre', Paul Burchill Revisits...

Matt Cardona Challenges Nic Nemeth At GCW ‘No Compadre’, Paul Burchill Revisits His Pirate Character



Matt Cardona has set his sights on his former WWE colleague Nic Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler), calling him out at GCW’s ‘No Compadre’ event.

Cardona was unable to attend the show due to some travel difficulties, so he appeared in a video package to reference AJ Francis and Mustafa Ali before calling Nemeth out.

Cardona said, “In 2024, the landscape of independent wrestling is about to change. There’s all this new blood, all these shiny new toys, all these new free agents. But let me remind you that I am The Agent, and it makes me sick, sick to my stomach that all these ex-WWE guys are coming over to the indies, and they’re trying to leech on companies like GCW to get buzz. Who should do something like that? Guys like Dolla, AJ Francis. Dolla, I watched your GCW debut from my couch, and I thought my television was broken because there was zero pop. In fact, there was negative pop. Nobody gave a sh*t. But you’re still on the internet, talking trash, rapping, and asking ‘Who hotta?’ Well, I’ll tell you. The Indie God-a. So why don’t you sing and dance your big ass to the back of the line?

Mustafa Ali, congrats kid, you’re wearing these custom-made suits. Big deal. I think you’ve been a little too preoccupied the past two or three years b*tching and moaning about your spot to realize that I am the President of Independent Wrestling, and my term is not over until I say so. Last but certainly not least, ‘The Wanted Man’ Nic Nemeth. For over a decade, underrated, underappreciated, underutilized, according to him. Now’s his chance to show the world that he’s as good as he says he is. But I don’t think you are. Let me remind you, Nic. I’m the man that beat you to become the WWE United States Champion, and I fully intend to beat you again. So here we are. I’m laying out the challenge right here. Nic Nemeth, Matt Cardona. You name the time, you name the place, it doesn’t matter to me because I’m Alwayz Ready. You can bring your lackey, bring your brother, bring Ryan because I got Jimmy f**king Lloyd, and I got the baddest b*tch on the indies, SDL, and there is no way you’re stopping me, no way you’re dethroning me, no way you’re taking my crown because I’m the Deathmatch King, and I am the Indy God. Then, now, forever.”

Nemeth, Ali, and Francis were all released from WWE in September 2023.

In other news, Paul Burchill was famous for playing an ill-fated pirate gimmick in WWE, and he recently recalled the origins of his character.

On a recent edition of the “Under the Ring” podcast, Burchill discussed his run as the pirate character, and you can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On creating his look: “I came home and said to my wife, ‘I’m going to be a pirate and this is the idea.’ Then she just went to work for the next week calling museums, and all these different places to get the apparel to try and put this thing together. It was kind of down to you to pull it together and turn up with it ready to go and that was an interesting time and quite challenging. To switch, almost in the course of a week, completely 180 your direction and your look and come up with this new persona, so it was kind of challenging.”

On getting hurt right at the character’s debut: “It didn’t help that I pretty badly injured my knee on the day that we were debuting the character in the ring when I was running through my entrance and I blew my ACL and MCL out just doing a run-through on my entrance. That night was really interesting with a destroyed knee, and then kind of went along from there.”

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