Matt Cardona Comments On Plans After His AEW Contract Expires


Matt Cardona (f.k.a. Zack Ryder) was interviewed by Bro Bible, where he discussed his plans following his short-term contract with AEW. Cardona’s current deal with AEW is only for five dates. While it is quite possible that Cardona can easily extend this deal, he does have other plans for the future beyond his time with AEW.


“Yeah, so I only have a couple of dates signed,” Cardona said. “But I didn’t go there just to get a new t-shirt, you know? I’m there for the long haul. That’s the goal. That’s the plan. To show the world what I can do. To win some championships, have some fun and it’s a great environment there.”

On loving his time with AEW so far:

“You know, the past two weeks I was there, I loved it. It was great. You know, it was weird being like the new kid in school. You’re meeting all these new friends and stuff like that, but you know, the reception online has been great. Couple of haters, whatever, it’s life, gonna happen, but I was happy with my performance and I can’t wait to do more with them.”

His future beyond AEW and a possible mentorship role:

“If it’s something drastic, I think maybe I would say something, but the majority of the time I would just let them come to me if they wanted my advice,” Cardona said. “It’s like when you’re in the gym and you see someone with horrible, horrible form and not like you know, some egomaniac guy, but like some kid you know he’s new to the gym you know he doesn’t know, right? So, I always (think), ‘Do I say something to him? Like, no hey, bud you’re doing it wrong.’ Not that I’m the foreign police but because I want to help him out. Maybe I should do that more often.”

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