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NewsMatt Cardona On How His WrestleMania 32 Win Came About

Matt Cardona On How His WrestleMania 32 Win Came About



Matt Cardona was thrilled to capture the Intercontinental Championship in 2016 especially as his title win came together on short notice.

On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Matt Cardona recalled his shock win, and how he was able to win the title at WrestleMania 32. He said,

I heard Vince McMahon was in his dressing room before “Raw,” eating a steak or whatever, looked up, and I was on “Main Event,” and said ‘Why aren’t we doing something with this guy?’ And then a couple of weeks later, I heard I was on this internal list to be in the ladder match.

“I just spilled my guts to him and why I deserve to be in that match over anybody. And one thing I said was I never heard my music play at WrestleMania. He later told me that line was what made him go to bat for me.

“I think they wanted a surprise shock value to start the show and luckily, I was that guy, the underdog! I will credit it, whether it be the WWE Universe or my fans around the world, they’ve never turned their back on me.”

While the win meant a lot for Cardona, his reign would not last long. The Long Island Iced Z lost the title the next night on RAW to The Miz after Maryse interfered.


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