Matt Cardona Reflects On Career-Changing Deathmatch With Nick Gage


Impact Wrestling star Matt Cardona has stated that his match with Nick Gage in 2021 was “iconic” and springboarded his career.

During a recent interview with the Pro Wrestling Boom podcast, Cardona discussed his career-changing match with Gage, noting that if he were to consider another deathmatch, it would have to be a high-profile event with some substantial cash involved. Cardona declared himself the “deathmatch king” and is not interested in competing in any more deathmatches.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Matt Cardona on his feud with Nick Gage and beating him: “When I won that GCW Title and the fans are throwing garbage into the ring, it wasn’t a couple [of] bottles, I was being showered with things. Someone even threw a pizza cutter at me — you watch the replay, you can see it — which is pretty, pretty dangerous. But I was absolutely loving it, right? Because I wanted to be a heel, a bad guy, for so long, but in WWE, I don’t write the show. You can pitch things all day, but I can’t just become a bad guy. Or even when I got released and I was on the independents, you can’t just become a bad guy. Something needs to happen.”

On how beating Nick Gage changed his career: “It changed my career, it changed my life. That night where I beat Nick Gage, it changed everything for me. I know it would create some buzz, that’s why I did it … I did not anticipate how much buzz it would create.”

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