What title will Matt Cardona go afte next?

Matt Cardona Reveals He’s Booked Out Through November


Matt Cardona is booked out through November.

During a recent interview with SLAM Wrestling, Cardona announced that he’s got bookings set all the way through November and he’s loving it. He said,

“I love it. Sure, I get tired sometimes, but this is what I signed up for 20 years ago. Because I love it. And I’m going to do it as long as I can. Most people, when they get released from WWE, they fade away to obscurity.”

He continued, “But I would argue that my value is higher than it’s ever been before. Right now, it’s the middle of March, and I’m already taking bookings through November, I’m almost already booked for the year. So I feel that my stock is at an all-time high, and I’m going to continue to ride this wave.”

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