Matt Cardona Reveals When He Hopes To Be Able To Return To The Ring


During a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Matt Cardona commented on suffering a torn bicep at the GCW Downward Spiral event last month, when he’s hoping to be able to return to the ring, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his recovery from injury: “My doctor said that the recovery is five months. But my goal is three. I’m still going to be making towns. I’ve contacted every promotion I had booked, and all but two are still bringing me in because they know I sell tickets—and I rescheduled with those other two. I’m not going to be stuck at home injured. I won’t be in the ring, but this isn’t a three-month vacation. I’m just as busy as I was, even with a torn bicep.”

On wanting to be back in the ring for The Wrestling Showcase on September 3: “I’m training to be back in time. It fits perfectly in that three-month window, and I want my first match back to be against Tatanka. He can still go. Watching him wrestle makes you think it’s still 1993. And how cool would it be to beat someone whose action figure I had? I’m not trying to prove doubters wrong. I’m trying to prove myself and my believers right. I plan on coming back and winning the Wrestling Showcase tournament. That’s just the start. And if I’m not medically cleared, I’ll have a replacement. Remember, I’m always ready”

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