Matt Cardona Says He’s The New Face Of GCW, GCW Responds


As we reported last night here on eWn, we have a new GCW World Champion after Matt Cardona defeated Nick Gage in a brutal deathmatch at GCW Homecoming (Night One). Following the show, Cardona cut a post-match promo and revealed that he was the “new face” of GCW. He said,

“The champ is still here. I said it all the time. Do not doubt Always Ready Matt Cardona. I’ve been scratching and clawing my entire f***ing life, my entire f***ing career. Did you really think I was scared of Nick Gage? Of course I was afraid of the violence, but I wasn’t afraid of the destruction that would happen in that ring. Look at my body. I’m covered in blood, I’m scarred up, but it was all worth it because I am the GCW F***ing World champion! I’m not done. Don’t give me the thumbs up, camera mark! I’m still going! This isn’t a one-and-done. This isn’t a Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania, first time, last time, only time, oh no! I am the face of this f***ing company. I am ready to take GCW to new heights. I am the face of GCW and a face with teeth! I am here! I am here in GCW for me! I am here in GCW for the Major Marks! Most of all, I am here in GCW for the GCW Universe! I love you! I love you! *Muah* Hey, Chelsea! I love you more!”

The official Twitter account of GCW later responded to Cardona’s comments, saying,

“You are *NOT* the face of GCW.”

Cardona later tweeted the following,

“I trended #1 last night… Ahead of UFC & Olympics…I’m #STILLHERE…I’m the NEW @GCWrestling_ Champ…AND I’m the Internet Champ…then…now…FOREVER!!!”

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