Matt Cardona’s WWE Contract Was Set To Expire Prior To Release – Details


According to a report by Fightful Select, Matt Cardona’s (Zack Ryder in WWE) contract was set to expire prior to his WWE release. His contract was going to be up in August 2020. When WWE released him in April, his no-compete clause ran through July 2020. WWE did not pay Cardona the last month of his contract. The wrestlers who were released during this time period were those who wanted to be released from the company or had not been signed to new WWE contracts. WWE, more or less, trimmed the fat and cut ties with these Superstars.

After appearing on a few shows for AEW, Cardona began appearing on Impact Wrestling lately. He is still not under a contract with Impact and is comfortable with being a free agent/freelancer of sorts, wrestling for whoever he wants to, whenever he wants to without being bound to a written contract.

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