Matt ‘Evan Bourne’ Sydal Reveals More Details On The Infamous Sheamus/Yoshi Tatsu Backstage Fight


The former Evan Bourne did a recent interview with Kayfabe
Commentaries. Check out the highlights:

On the infamous backstage fight between Sheamus and Yoshi
“I guess everyone heard the story about how Sheamus got dropped
by Yoshi Tatsu so I think that sort of makes him soft. I will say Sheamus is
also tough. He literally broke his hand in a match ramming me into a pole and
didn’t even miss a beat. He’s one of the toughest guys. Maybe he’s got a soft
chin, I don’t know what happened.”

On Sheamus: “I don’t think he would push
someone up against a wall but I think he’s vocal. He stands up for himself. I
don’t think he’s necessarily a guy who’s going to jump into an aggressive status
but he will stand up for himself if he feels he’s being wronged. He’s not just a
guy who’s going to lay down and take it. Like, he’s going to stand up for

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