Matt Hardy Discusses The Issues He Had With Jeff Hardy Feud In WWE


AEW wrestler Matt Hardy was recently interviewed by MuscleManMalcolm at Starrcast to offer his thoughts on his WWE feud with his brother, Jeff Hardy, back in 2009. He said,

“As far Jeff being historically more popular than me and me being jealous of that I was totally down. Even when they did these accidents I was cool with all of that. I’ll admit, I told Vince face to face whenever we did that whole burn his house down… Jeff’s house accidentally burned down, and his dog did die in it which was very tragic.

Vince had that idea of pinning that on me saying I was the one who did it. You know it was just coincidence that it all happened during that time we were doing that program and I said this might be a little too much. It might be jumping the shark because I feel like people could believe that yes, Matt is jealous of Jeff, but would Matt legitimately burn down Jeff’s house and kill his dog?

It was a little much for me, but he wanted to do it so being an employee that was going to go with the flow I did it.”

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