Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Drops AEW Reference In Recent Social Media Post?


It appears that WWE wrote Matt Hardy off of TV when Randy Orton attacked him for the second straight week on Monday’s Raw.

Hardy took to Twitter and commented on the potential end of his WWE career. His contract ends with WWE on March 1st. 

In the post, fans have picked up on the first three words of the post and the capitalization of each word spells out AEW, as seen below. 

“Against Every Warning, with serious head/neck injuries, I showed up on #RAW to face & fight RKO,” Hardy wrote. “I was brutally beaten & suffered multiple injuries. But I’m alive. I’m not sure what’s next. If this was my @WWE goodbye, I didn’t get what I deserved-But maybe I got what I needed.”

The belief is that if Hardy does leave WWE then he’s AEW-bound. 

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