Matt Hardy – ‘I’ve Never Sh*t Myself In The Ring, But I Did Fart’


Over the years, more than a handful of wrestlers have revealed on podcasts and interviews that they’ve had bathroom accidents while competing in the ring. AEW wrestler Matt Hardy says he’s not one of them.

Speaking recently on his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Jon Alba questioned Matt on whether he’s ever sh*t himself in the ring. Hardy said,


“I have not. But there was one time where I was sick and wrestling Shannon Moore. I felt like I was going to [crap myself]. I let out one of the most terrible gases. He jumped off the top and hit me with a corkscrew. We did a thing where I would reverse and roll through, he ended up right in my crotch and was like, ‘Oh my God, did you s**t yourself?’ No, I didn’t. It was terrible gas because I was extremely sick that day. He said, ‘You have to show me.’ When we got back and showered, I showed him my underwear and everything. ‘Look, I didn’t. I’m very rank right now. I don’t smell good.’”

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