Matt Hardy Looks Back At Vince McMahon’s 2005 Royal Rumble Injury


The 2005 Royal Rumble is infamous among wrestling fans for its chaotic finish. Batista, the scheduled winner, went over the top rope at the same time as John Cena, botching the ending. Vince McMahon then tore down to ringside in a fury, and tore both of his quad muscles trying to get in and out of the ring.

Speaking on “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, the Sensei of Matt-itude recalled Vince’s injury, and the lengths he went to in order to protect his vanity.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Watching Vince tear both quads on the night: “I was like ‘What the f** was that?’ What is going on? Vince got so furious, so hot, as only Vince McMahon could.”

How McMahon tried to hide his injury: “They made people leave, so they took Vince out of there. He didn’t want anyone to see him weak, and that’s very much how it was. He wouldn’t let anyone see him for weeks if he couldn’t walk. It was a chaotic situation.”

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