Matt Hardy on the Legacy of the TLC 3


At the WWF No Mercy event 20 years ago, Matt and Jeff Hardy battled Edge and Christan in the first-ever tag team ladder match and history was made. Six months later, they would add the Dudley Boyz and the blueprint for TLC was made.

Matt Hardy recently spoke to talkSPORT where he discussed the special vibes those matches carried and the chemistry those three tag teams shared with each other:

On what he was expecting before the first-ever TLC match:

“I don’t think we knew at the time how big of a deal that would eventually become. I knew when we did the first-ever tag team ladder match with Edge and Christian at No Mercy ’99 that it was special and then when we did the tag team tables match with the Dudleys at Royal Rumble 2000 we knew that was very special, also. So once we combined them together we thought it was going to be a cool match and we were gonna do some cool stunts and blaze a trail but I don’t think any of us had any inkling that we would be cementing our legacy like that. That match has become a staple of WWE and the entire wrestling industry. There’s a WWE PPV that is named TLC after this match. It was a match that gave six kids the chance to go out and test their creative juices, so it was very cool that it blew up and became as big a deal as it did.”

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On the chemistry between the Hardys, Edge & Christian and The Dudleys:

“I’ll always say that me and Jeff had more charisma with Edge and Christian than any other team. We also had great charisma with the Dudleys, so what you had were six young, hungry guys who wanted to succeed and see what different avenues we could go down to do that in being super athletic, doing these amazing matches with amazing stunts and bumps. You had Steve Austin and The Rock who were these great characters but we had our own groove and we were all on the same page and were driven to attain superstardom.”

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