Matt Hardy Reacts To The Final Segment On RAW


Matt Hardy posted the following on his Facebook, discussing RAW’s final segment from last night…

I caught the final segment of #RAW tonight while doing cardio, and I had to comment on it for two reasons.

#1 – Kudos to the Seattle crowd, they were awesome and steadfast in that final segment, ruthlessly chanting & supporting Daniel Bryan. It’s a great example of how much the wrestling fans believe in Daniel Bryan and want to see him get his just deserts; which is to be treated as a legitimate top guy. But there is a positive to the unfair WWE setbacks that Bryan has experienced. Daniel has became even more sympathetic and respected by the fans, leading to them getting behind him EVEN more. For the fans that were there, and for the fans that were watching at home, remember this.. ALWAYS VOICE YOUR OPINIONS ON WHO YOU BELIEVE IN AND WANT TO SEE SUCCEED.

#2 – The last segment of WWE RAW was phenomenal in it’s totality. It serve so many purposes perfectly. Both Triple H and Cena reacted to the Daniel Bryan responses flawlessly. Orton’s promo was on the money. Cena’s promo was on the money. There was star power everywhere in the ring. The brawl at the end was exciting, leading to Stephanie getting tackled by RKO. The viewers were left with questions at the end, yet wanting to see more. That segment was WWE at it’s best. The content of those final 25 minutes of RAW sold TLC PPVs. Kudos, WWE!

But before the TLC PPV, this is MONEY the day before.. (Preview)

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