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Matt Hardy Reveals Billy Corgan’s Involvement In The Final Deletion Match



During the latest edition of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy revealed that it was Billy Corgan who came up with the idea for the original Final Deletion match to take place at the Hardy Compound. Of course, this took place when Corgan was still working with TNA/Impact Wrestling. Hardy said,

“He said, ‘If Jeff does beat you in all these matches…’ and I’d said the same thing. ‘I think I just need to win a match where all the stakes are on the line.’ He said, What if you have like a match, like, in your barn, you know, in that Dome of Deletion,’ maybe you and Jeff have a match there and it’s gonna be like an Empty Arena Match. I think that was his vision. That’s what he was visualizing whenever he talked about the original idea for this match where everything was on the line, but it started growing. The more I talked with [Jeremy Borash] and he’d been to my house to shoot several different vignettes and whatnot. It became a fight all over the compound. It’s like anything goes on the compound, and we want to make it a cinematic-style match and we had a pretty bare-bones outline structure, like on a storyboard, and we were adding it as we would go. But Billy Corgan was the first one to suggest maybe doing something in what was the Dome of Deletion, the building outside of my house, but we ended up expanding it to where it was going to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match on the Hardy compound.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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