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Matt Hardy Says He’d Love To Bring Back Broken Character, More Cinematic Matches



AEW star Matt Hardy has said he’d love to do more cinematic matches following the success of 2016’s Final Deletion.

The Final Deletion from Impact Wrestling proved that cinematic matches could work and received universal praise for its unique presentation at the time.

Speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s “Insight” podcast, Hardy said he wants to bring back the ‘Broken’ character that was instrumental to the Final Deletion match:

“Broken Matt has a very dear place in my heart. I would love to do a silly-ass Broken Matt series, whatever it may be. I’m sure Jeff would be down for it too. He loves that nonsense as well. I think it’d be really fun. Maybe one of these days we’ll get Jeremy Borash back over, we’ll take JB and we’ll film some more Broken Universe content.”

Jeremy Borash served as the producer of the Final Deletion match but has been with WWE since 2018.

Cinematic matches have become more common during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Matt had the idea long before the ongoing global situation:

“It’s so crazy that we were ahead of this pandemic doing that. The whole reason I wanted to do it was to do something that was unorthodox and out of the ordinary and something that would give us a different avenue to tell a story, something that would be very strange. I wanted it to be a throwback to the early 90s crazy characters like Papa Shango and Undertaker were starting.”

Jeff Hardy was released from WWE last December and is likely to sign with AEW when he can next month.

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