Matt Hardy Says WWE Squandered The Hardys Following Their Return At WrestleMania 33


AEW Superstar Matt Hardy took to Twitter on Thursday, responding to a tweet from wrestling podcast host Jim Valley on how poorly WWE utilized The Hardy Boys after they returned at WrestleMania 33 in 2017. Jim said,

“DVDs? What year is it? The Hardys got the biggest reaction at WM33 and then went nowhere. There’s a difference between licensing products & proactively selling superstars other than Hogan, Savage, Michaels, Taker, Rock and Austin. There are lots of fans who aren’t being serviced.”

Matt Hardy then said,

“You’re correct, Jim. We were insanely hot coming into WM33, but our usage was squandered. I am grateful for the return & time there, but it could’ve been SO much better. You can keep an act hot & a money maker without it being a forced focal point of the show. AEW grants me this.”

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