Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Talks How he Explained the Broken Universe to Vince McMahon


Fightful recently interviewed WWE Superstar Matt Hardy where he spoke about speaking to Vince McMahon about the Broken Universe. Here is what he said: 

“Yeah, when I was first was gonna do Woken Matt Hardy I had talk with him for thirty minutes and I explained the whole Broken Universe deal. I don’t think he understands it completely. Part of it is based off of different, various TV shows I watch, and it’s very Deadpool driven. Broken Matt Hardy winks at the audience and kinda breaks the fourth wall and I don’t know that’s something Vince really enjoys or likes to do a lot or whatever unless maybe it’s this specific idea. I think it was very involved and I don’t think he got it all. I know when he watched the Ultimate Deletion he said, ‘Well people seem to like it, I don’t know if I get it.’ But, the thing that I do give Vince credit for is he allowed me to do it. He allowed me to have that Ultimate Deletion, did give us an opportunity to do that, and internally it was a success, it did well.”

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