Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Talks Who He Thinks Should Be The “Nucleus” Of WWE, Toughest Guy He Has Been In The Ring With, More


WWE star Matt Hardy was recently part of a promotional tour in India, where he did a rapid-fire Q&A session.  Hardy discussed several topics, including whose the toughest guy he has ever shared the ring with, his favorite WWE moment, and who he is most impressed with in WWE at the moment. Here are the highlights:

The toughest guy he has shared the ring with in WWE: “The toughest opponent I’ve faced in WWE, and I’ve faced him many many times, is Brock Lesnar. When they say Brock Lesnar is like a beast, he is truly a beast. There were times where I questioned if he was even human. He’s the toughest guy I’ve ever been in the ring with.”

Favorite WWE moment: “I think my greatest moment in WWE was when myself and my brother (Jeff Hardy) returned at WrestleMania 33. But something that is very close to that because it was our original goal and dream, was first coming to WWE and winning the tag team championships for the very first time.”

Who he is impressed with in WWE right now: “Currently, right now, the guy that I – he’s already a big star but I’m impressed with is Seth Rollins. They should build around him right now. I think Seth Rollins is the guy, who should be the nucleus of WWE right now. I think Seth Rollins is the guy right now.”

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