Matt Hardy: “The Internet Hasn’t Ruined Wrestling!”, and More


Over the weekend, a Twitter fan tweeted WWE Superstar Matt Hardy and claimed the internet has ruined professional wrestling. Hardy responded with the following,

“I disagree. The internet hasn’t ruined wrestling, but it’s def changing it. In my opinion, the industry has to be more creative & shrewd in the way stories are told, while blurring the lines of reality & fantasy between athletic matches & entertaining content. The ‘net forces evolution.

I’ve always felt that your true calling was as a promoter or in creative—and that’s saying something because you’re a very talented wrestler.

Thanks, Sam. Appreciate that,” Hardy wrote back. “I can’t say I disagree with you. For the few years I have left as an in-ring performer, I wanna kick ass & contribute to the industry-not sit on the bench.”

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