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Matt Hardy Wouldn’t Debut As ‘Broken’ If He Knew About The Pandemic



In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Matt Hardy reflected on his AEW debut and clarified how he would have done things differently had he known better.

Hardy stated that his “Broken” gimmick would not have been his preference had he been aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the wrestling industry.

Hardy made his AEW debut on the March 18, 2020, episode of Dynamite, reprising his “Broken” gimmick.

During the pandemic, due to the lack of a live audience, Matt realized that the “Broken” character required the fans, which is why he began to include several of his gimmicks alongside the Broken gimmick, including Big Money Matt, Matt Hardy V1, and Unkillable Matt Hardy, thereby being referred to as “Multifarious” Matt Hardy.

AEW President Tony Khan later acknowledged that he wasn’t a fan of the “Broken” character and preferred more realistic presentations in wrestling. Hardy said,

“Looking back in hindsight, if I would have known there weren’t going to be any fans for a year and a half and if I knew there was going to be a pandemic, which obviously no one could have predicted that, I probably wouldn’t have started as Broken Matt Hardy. I would have started just as a regular version of Matt Hardy. Because Broken Matt Hardy is such a fan-driven character, you know, just everything he does from the taunts to the people of hearing him say words crazy, whatever it may be. It definitely is driven and fueled by fans being in the arena. So that’s what I would probably have done different. I would just come in, like Matt Hardy baby face, one-half of the Hardy Boys as opposed to doing Broken Matt Hardy from the jump.”

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