Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s Latest “Free The Delete” Video, Rose/Deville Eat More Donuts, More


You can check out the latest edition of “WWE Playlist” below, featuring Superstars who made their debuts at Survivor Series:

You can check out the latest edition of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose’s “Damandyz Donutz” series below. In this week’s episode, the two check out Deluxe Italian Bakery:

You can check out Matt Hardy’s latest edition of “FREE THE DELETE” below. The synopsis reads as follows:

In episode three of “FREE THE DELETE”, Matt struggles to communicate with his former allies, causing him to be haunted by the ESSENCE of his #BROKENBrilliance. A chance encounter with an old friend, an OMEGA alumni, turns violent as Matt’s mortal sanity begins to spiral out of control. Matt is visited by another one of the #7Deities, BROHARE, and is mandated to forge a daunting structure. BROHARE says these tasks must be completed for Matt to reunite with ZENITH.

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