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Matt Jackson Reveals Which All In Star He Thinks Is The Next “Breakout Star”


The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) teamed up with Kota Ibushi to take on Bandido, Fenix, and Rey Mysterio in a Six-Man Tag Team match to main event All In.

In respect to Bandido, Matt Jackson said that, after searching some of his matches on YouTube, he signed Bandido to All In and believes he will be the “next breakout star” in wrestling:

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Bandido – We needed one more man in our match. We searched YouTube, and I was sold within 1 minute. I booked him right then and there. He is the next breakout star. Mark my words. Kota Ibushi – First met at a Chikara show in ‘09, watching him and Nick, Generico and Jigsaw tear the house down. We joke that his personality reminds us of a Japanese version of Jeff Hardy. He’s a great friend of mine. Fenix – The craziest wrestler in the world. Absolutely fearless. He can do anything, and will do anything for you. I want him on my team. Rey Mysterio – I met him at Halloween Havoc 2000 in Las Vegas and he said encouraging things to me. He inspired my children’s book. He’s one of my role models and is the greatest highflier in the history of the business. Nick – My brother, business partner and forever tag team partner. You watch him and are convinced you can do anything because he makes it look so effortless. The best hot tag of all time. So blessed to share a ring with these guys.

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