Matt Morgan Continues To Tweet Cryptic WWE Messages


Matt Morgan has not only changed his Twitter handle from @TNAMattMorgan to @BPMattMorgan, but he is making more teases on Twitter about going to WWE. He had previously mentioned “business meetings” in Connecticut.

When asked if his new Twitter handle was a sign of a new direction, he replied: “direction’? Sure. NORTH”

A fan then asked if he was heading to WWE outright and he replied: “isnt obvious I’m not allowed to say by now? Lol”

Another fan then said they can’t wait to see him win the WWE Championship and he replied: “well have to wait&see! Very excited either way.”

We reported late Thursday night that we have confirmed Morgan left TNA Wrestling last month. We have also confirmed that WWE has shown interest in him but they’re waiting to resolve the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit before they bring in any former TNA talents.

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