Matt Morgan Speaks Out + How Old Is Samoa Joe?


— Current TNA Tag Team Champion Samoa Joe (real name Nuufolau Seanoa) turned 33 today. He was born on March 17, 1979. Joe and Magnus will defend their tag team titles against Matt Morgan and Crimson at tomorrow night’s TNA Victory Road PPV.

— Matt Morgan had an interview with IGN in which he discussed his run in TNA, Ring Ka King and even WWE.

On becoming TNA World Champion: “Winning the Tag Team Championship is ultra-important, but at the same time, I got into the pro wrestling for one reason and that’s to be the top dog and to be the World Champion…I’m sick of waiting.”

On working with Crimson, Samoa Joe and Magnus to improve their matches: “It’s up to us to go out there, check our egos at the door, and put the match first.”

On the differences between WWE creative’s relaxed control of scripted promos and how it was when he was on the roster in 2005: “I’ve got a lot of close friends who still work there who I regularly talk to on a weekly basis that tell me that it has changed over there. It’s not like it was when I was there when there was just like a freakin’ Great Wall of China of defense when trying to pitch an idea. Now they’re a little bit less reluctant and a little bit more open to hearing some of the ideas.”

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