Matt Morgan/WWE/TNA Update + Warrior’s Major Fraud Issues


— Matt Morgan has dropped the “TNA” from his Twitter handle. His Twitter name, previously @TNAMattMorgan is now @BPMattMorgan. Morgan has been hinting at a TNA departure for some time now, as previously reported, with hints that he could jump to WWE. We have confirmed that Morgan left TNA Wrestling last month. We have also confirmed that WWE has shown interest in him but they’re waiting to resolve the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit before they bring in any former TNA talents.

— Christopher Elias says he lost $40,000 due to his merchandising agreement with the Ultimate Warrior. As reported yesterday, Elias filed a police report accusing Warrior of $28,000 in merchandise fraud. Elias told KRQE in New Mexico, “I had a signed contract between me and him, and I was supposed to have everything by March 31, 2012. The last time I talked to him, (Warrior) said he shipped the product.” Elias says he was supposed to get is money back by July 13th after he said Warrior didn’t ship the items in question to him. When he didn’t get his money, he filed a police report in New Mexico, where Warrior lives. Warrior issued the following press release about the accusation: Earlier this week, Mr Christopher Elias used and the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department in an apparent effort to gain publicity for himself at the expense of professional wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior. The matter that has arisen between Warrior and Mr Elias is in relation to a simple contractual dispute, the facts of which will speak for themselves. Mr Elias’s allegations of criminal fraud are completely unfounded, ill-advised and unfortunate. This is a purely civil matter that is in the process of being resolved by our attorney.”

— Here is CM Punk on the Bower Show in Connecticut discussing the 1,000th RAW, The Dark Knight Rises and more:

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